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Dominica - A Concealed Jewel Within the Caribbean

Posted on March 1 2013 by admin in Uncategorized

The History

It was thirty a long time in the past this calendar year in 1978 which the lovely island of Dominica was granted independence from Britain "The Mother Country"

France was a big part of this island back from the 1600s, my surname "Corriette" is French and my grandparents and great parents born within a French heritage.

The island became a British "possession" - because people dared to think they could posses people - during the late 1700s and so the island grew up speaking a French dialect with a very British education.

Add to that mixture the fact that most of the inhabitants were Carib Indians and African slaves and the mixing pot grows even more diverse.

With Thanks To The Translation Service

Dominica Information from the Translation service(have to include this so I can use the flag and map images!)

A Move To The Mother Country

My parents left their small island and headed for England in 1948.

They - and all the other islanders - found themselves being rejected by their "mother"

Unfairly treated, low paying jobs, unable to enter the Christian churches that had "converted" them and living many to a room just to survive.

But they still had fun! They knew how to laugh, dance, eat and enjoy, life and that determined spirit made the way for their children - like me! First generation Black British

A Confusing Personal History

I always see myself as English. Never thought anything else, so when Enouch Powell gave a speech about us "going home" it had been a little difficult to know where "home" would be!

My first trip to Dominica at the age of 14 made me realise that I definitely wasn't a Dominican. They let me know that, and yet it seemed I wasn't totally British either.

So my fear always was "If we have to "go home" where will I go?"

A background and tradition I want to know more about!

It was thanks to Hurricane David in 1979 that I made my first and so far only visit to Dominica. The place had been completely flattened, nothing worked and compared to being in England life was a little more "basic"

I was there for a total of 8 weeks and discovered boys... well at least I discovered that boys were for more than just hanging out and playing cricket with (I was a tomboy... what can I say...)

Now it really is time to go back and I would love to take my mum with me. She is in severe stages of diabetes and is losing her eye sight so I want to be able to take her there and enjoy the thirty a long time independence fun, food and partying.

I will see if my work online (and God) can help make that happen for me!

Kalinago Barana Aute


The Kalinago Barana Autê offers a unique experience, sharing historical past and traditions of the Kalinago people (caribs) from hundreds of many years back. It is located along the banks of the Crayfish-River near the Isukulati Falls from the Carib Territory of Dominica.

Before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1493 the Kalinagos (Caribs) were self-reliant people. The kalinagos (Caribs) survived mainly by fishing, hunting, and farming.

For more than two centuries, colonial forces attempted to gain control of the island but the Kalinagos (Caribs) met them with fierce resistance.

In 1763, the British gained full control of Dominica. The Kalinagos were given 232 acres of mountainous and rocky shoreline in Salybia. In 1903, the amount of land was expanded to 3700 acres and was called the Carib Reserve; in addition the Carib Chief was officially recognized.

To visit the website go to

Past Carib Chiefs 1800 to present

(6) Chief Jules Benjamin Corriette 1916-1926

With Thanks

I wanted to thank Joanna Moses and Erickson Fabien from the Dominican Diaspora Social Network for allowing me to use their images

The Boiling Lake

This is a wonderful video that gives you an idea about the heat from The Boiling Lake. I remember the smell and the heat just watching it!

It seems the Boiling Lake was discovered by two British men in 1870.... because I am sure while in the thousands of decades the Carib Indians were there they never once managed to come across it!

Sarcastic.... moi... as if :-)

What To Do In Dominica

Here is a list of some of the things you can do when you visit Dominica

  • Absolutely nothing... just chill and enjoy the atmosphere
  • Diving & Watersport
  • Get married - A great place to have your wedding
  • Culture & Heritage - Visit The Indiginous Kalinago Tribe
  • Enjoy the fesitvals and events

The People & Traditions

Friendly is definitely a word that is used alot when it comes to describing the people of Dominica.

As with many caribbean cultures celebrations that involve music and food take place during the 12 months.

Every October the Creole music fesitval takes place and the yearly carinval takes place in February.

Each village will also have it's own feast to celebrate their community. Its a great way to stay connected.... I met a woman on the street a few weeks back who thought I had just moved in - I have lived in my hourse for 15 several years and she has lived in hers for 9 several years! - and that was the first time we had met!

So maybe we could do with some of that "village feasting" here in England!

The Corriette Clan On Facebook

Social networks are powerful places to be. You get to meet new people from around the world.

When I joined Facebook I never thought I would end up meeting half my family from around the world!

Growing up I only really knew a few immediate family members, my dad's sister and her family (from the UK) and my mum's brother and sister and her family.

That was it so it had been really amazing when a friend met someone with the Corriette surname who's married to a Corriette and then I "met" her daughter on Facebook.

This wonderful woman started a group on Facebook called the Corriette Clan and we are now 24 members strong I believe! Chances are I would have never met them if it wasn't for Facebook!

Greenpeace Urges You To Consider Dominica

Greenpeace have made a video about Dominica's decision to SAVE THE WHALE.

You can send aTHANK YOU email to Prime Minister of Dominica by CLICKING HERE

Check out the video below

A Dominican Dinner Party

Dominica's food is very fresh and healthy and is often cooked in a Creole style featuring a spicy sauce or dish made especially with tomatoes, peppers, onion, celery, and seasoning.

Whilst most of the cooking on Dominica is island Creole, you can also enjoy Continental and North American cuisines too. Fresh fish and seafood are found on every menu.

For ideas on how you can hold aDominican Dinner Party with your friends visit

I hope you enjoyed my virtual trip to Dominica

For now my visits are virtual ones, through video, photos and community sites I get to read, learn and find out more about this place from the sun.

I started this hub page at 10pm and it's now 3am and it's time to hit the "publish" button! That's me all over... never like to start something I don't finish.... or never know when to stop!

Hopefully later this yr I will be adding my own photos here after spending 6 weeks on the island....

Sponsorship greatefully received :-)

An Update Since Creating This Hub

I think the most significant update is the fact that I decide to create a social network for people from Dominica (or with family from, or who have been there and loved it). I called it Dominica Diaspora.

I created it on Sunday February 17th 2008 and we had 148 people from Dominica or of Dominican heritage join in our first week, and 2 members who just love Dominica!

Update July 2009 - There are now over 7,500 members!

Update February 2010 and the network is now 2 several years old and has 8081 members. As a gift for all my work Dominica Tours have given me a free 2 week holiday staying in their accomodation with a guest (my mum won't come with me and is now just about blind so I missed out on my dream of taking her - I think she is too afraid to fly) and as my children are going on holiday with their dad it means its just me. All I need to do is pay the £850 flight fees!!!

I have started a second hub that will eventually include details about my trip in July

Commonwealth Of Dominica

Dominican Diaspora First Birthday

Dominican Diaspora will be celebrating it's first birthday on February 17th 2009 and members are looking at running events in their local area with other members. Even if there are only two of you a cup of coffee at Starbucks is just as great as having a big party!

For those that can't get out we will also be on the online chat catching up with everyone. There are over 6,500 people in this networks so you are bound to find someone to celebrate with.

I started this network after creating this hub. The day after creating this hub I woke up and my inner voice said you need to start a social network bringing Dominican people together! and that's what I did.There's an interview I did below that shares more. 


Dominica. The Nature Island. Waitikubuli.

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