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Don't buy FAKE Maglite replacement bulbs LED

Posted on March 1 2013 by admin in Uncategorized

Maglite replacement bulbs

Be careful for FAKE replacement bulbs! The maglite is generally spelled as mag-lite. They are durable and stylish. The hallmarks of Mag-lite Instrument flashlights are its Quality and dependability.

Each Maglite lamp is especially designed to work in conjunction with the reflector to deliver better performance. Magelite bulbs are generally 75 times brighter than the ordinary Krypton flashlight bulb. It lasts generally for 100,000 of hour s .and its batteries are especially designed to last 10 to 15 times longer than the normal ones.

These led bulbs will not break when they are dropped. Magelite bulbs are generally brighter than standard incandescent filament flashlight bulbs. It gives a pure white light .this blue light will never turn yellow  even when its batteries are very low.

They have the ability to retain the focus of the Mini-Maglite or Full size Maglite.the filament or bulb won t break or burns. They generally draw only very less current which will help you to save energy. Magelite are made of metal which act as a good heat sink for the LED and does not contain plastic and this will help to focus the beam with them.  Plastic flashlight reflectors generally melt if the LED generates too much heat. MAG-LED is the result of blending emphasis on the energy management, balanced optics, and a projecting beam to give you an LED light source with the superior performance of a Maglite.

It easy to carry for transportation purpose. This flashlight gives you a powerful projecting beam that focuses from spot to flood simply by simply rotating the head.  By combining a highly refined reflector with the quality performance-enhanced LED to deliver a brilliant adjustable beam. It is noted that its Beam power and battery usage are balanced by the LED lamp's to maximize its performance and battery life.

The flashlight's shock resistant housing is generally constructed by using durable machined aluminum alloy which is anodized inside and out to resist corrosion and sealed with high grade O-rings for superior water resistance.  One of the important features to note about Magelite is it is the only flashlight approved by the U.S. Army to duplicate the Universal Camo Pattern (UCP) digital camouflage pattern. It contains an Interchangeable light source containing either the installed LED module or the Krypton lamp which is generally stored in the tail cap.
The Mini Maglite, has a tiny high intensity bulb, makes a great light source for exploring and understanding about the shadows. The small size of the filament in the bulb allows it to throw very sharp shadows on it. To use the Mini Maglite for shadow effects, you should remove the entire reflector system assembly, leaving the bulb exposed. This also turns the light on, so you'll have to re-install the reflector or remove the batteries to turn the light off.

Do not be fooled by the number of hours an LED flashlight is supposed to last with one set of the batteries. For about half of the manufacturer's rated life, the light will be so dim that you will want to change the batteries very often. So don t Buy FAKE Maglite replacement bulbs.

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