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Dragon's Dogma Griffin's Bane Quest

Posted on March 1 2013 by admin in Uncategorized

Dragon's Dogma Griffon's Bane Quest

In Dragon's Dogma, the griffin's bane quest is one of the quests available from Aldous - the chamberlain to the Duke. This quest is only available after the hero finishes some of the wyrm hunt quests and after speaking to Ser Maximilian about an audience with the Duke. This will guide the hero in completing the first part of the griffin's bane quest, including overcoming the griffin by setting a bait and trap for the griffin.

Dragon's Dogma Speak to Aldous to Get the Quest

The duke grants an audience for the hero. Before speaking to the duke, the court jester plays a joke on the hero by bestowing an almost unremovable jester hat on the hero. This will make the hero look uncool and must be removed. To do this, speak to the duchess when the hero comes out of the audience chamber. The duchess can be found tending the gardens on the right of the exit from the audience chamber. The conversation with the duchess will eventually result in the hero wanting the duchess to take the jester's hat off him. The hero may have to speak to the duchess more than once to get the unfashionable hat off.

After the medieval fashion coolness of the hero has been restored, return to the audience chamber and speak to Aldous. Choose the griffin quest and let it begin.

Dragon's Dogma Bait the Griffin

The hero may have met with the griffin during part of the wyrm hunt quest, particularly during the watergod's altar quest. The griffin has been destroying carriages along the path from Gran Soren to the encampment. To find the griffin again, the hero must journey through the south gate of Gran Soren and meet with Ser Georg and his elite hunting party.. Together the hero, his party and the hunting party must travel south (just follow Ser Georg) and find a clearing to bait the griffin. To bait the griffin, simply defeat a goblin and take his dead body to the clearing, or look around the clearing for some spiders. Grab a spider and place the spider in the clearing.

Now stand aside and beware - the Griffin is coming. Confirm this by looking up and see the griffin circling the bait and ready to descend.

Dragon's Dogma Beating the Griffin

The mage hero must then devise tactics to beat the griffin into fleeing to the Bluemoon Tower. The griffin can be beaten here but will not be defeated. The key to beating the griffin in all battles is simple - make the griffin land. The griffin will fly at low altitudes when it attacks, or it will try to land. If it lands, that is the best. However, if it is flying at low altitudes, use the spell High Comestion so that the flames will reach out and sear its wings. When it's wings are burnt, it will crash onto the ground.

The griffin is not helpless when it crashes. Instead, it will go into a charging attack on the hero. If the hero gets smashed, it's all over. Dodge this attack by jumping around and using cover such as mountain walls and outcroppings to prevent the griffin from successfully damaging the hero. When the griffin is surrounded by the hunting party and the mage hero's own party of fighters, take this opportunity to launch damage intensive fire spells at the griffin.

The griffin has about three or four bars of health.When the first bar drops away, it will lift off and flee to the Bluemoon Tower. Follow the griffin to the Bluemoon Tower.

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