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Dragon Quest IX: Legacy Manager Hunter - Baramos

Posted on March 1 2013 by admin in Uncategorized


This hub is actually a guidebook regarding how to defeat the Archfiend Baramos in Dragon Quest IX, in which he seems to be a legacy manager. Should you have arrived at this hub, then there is certainly a robust prospect that you are stumped regarding how to defeat Baramos. Experience absolutely free to examine my write-up on grotto checking out ahead of you receive your ft damp right here, as Baramos can be a ton more durable than your frequent grotto bosses.

So, scroll down and skim all about Baramos!

Suggested Get together Setup

You're likely to want your occasion customers at close to amount fifty, being a bare minimum amount, ideally with a few stages in other vocations too. My 1st hub during this Legacy Manager Hunter sequence offers you the proposed get together set up as well as their roles, along with my celebration member's stats likewise.

Here, I am likely to the touch on what things you ought to have in each individual celebration member's bag. I individually advocate every character keep three Magic Waters and one particular Yggdrassil Leaf. if you're able to double these quantities (particularly in the situation of all those Leaves, which happen to be very scarce), I counsel you are doing so. You'll have the MP and you may have to revive men and women without the need of stressing about Zing's are unsuccessful opportunity (this sort of as in scenarios wherever you have misplaced two celebration associates in a single spherical or a few other drastic condition like that.).

You want your Paladin to own the e-book you will get for finishing the one hundred Defend Quest (get rid of ten Killing Equipment with Blockenspiel). Whoever has the e-book in his/her stock auto-blocks important hits, and given that Baramos enjoys people and also your Paladin is meant to tank...

On an identical notice, you would like your healer to acquire a Wand geared up. I anxiety this each of the time, but it can be that significant. The MP variation if you do not possess a Wand about more time battles is simply too drastic.

Baramos' Fight Strategy

The Archfiend Baramos is really a monstrous wizard of wonderful renown who starred as Dragon Quest III's 1st ultimate manager (another one particular remaining Zoma, who you fought a couple of dozen or so hrs afterwards in yet another castle.). During this video game, he serves as your initial flavor of the Legacy Manager. All the pursuing are tidbits and info I have picked up in excess of the class of my unsuccessful makes an attempt of beating this manager, which I at last prevail over as just lately as yesterday:

  • Kafrizz: Does 150-170 (spell) fireplace harm to just one occasion member.
  • Kaboom: Does one hundred thirty (spell) harm to the entire social gathering.
  • Blazing flames: Does 130-150 (breath) fireplace harm to the complete get together.
  • Physical assaults do a hundred thirty harm to a personality with 270 Protection.
  • Critical assaults do 340-380 injury.
  • A Warrior with 386 Assault does about 86 harm to Baramos using a typical actual physical assault.
  • A Minstrel with 293 Assault does about forty three harm to Baramos having a frequent actual physical assault.
  • He can assault 2 times a switch, but does not generally achieve this.

As for his fight tactic, he'll use spells with reckless abandon, to your issue that he'll even test to Kafrizz somebody who has made use of Magic Mirror in the past three turns (is he blind? :P). For anyone who is in a specifically very low stage, you may want to work with this on your edge and use Magic Mirror on your own complete get together to get him defeat himself (labored for me!).

His frequent assault styles incorporate:

  • Critical assault, then Kaboom.
  • Critical assault, then motion skip.
  • Kafrizz, then Kaboom (I pity the celebration member who acquired Kafrizzed if he/she failed to have Magic Mirror up.)
  • Physical assault, then actual physical assault all over again (exceptional assault sample).
  • Critical assault, then crucial assault (luckily uncommon; absolutely stinks when he will it nevertheless).
  • Blazing flames, then Kaboom (he has a tendency to alternate among this as well as spell blitz assault patern up in the 3rd bullet; they are his two most popular assault styles.)


Now that you choose to have this information, I urge you to definitely go defeat him! You may want to realize extra stages than what I instructed in my other hub, however , you know from my encounter that it is beatable in the degrees I did it (only a Little bit challenging. ;P).

Feel cost-free to remark in the event you have to have extra assist with this manager or desire to advise I include some thing to this hub. :)

Until the subsequent time, get treatment and possess enjoyable! ;)


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