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Driving In Rome - A Survival Guide

Posted on March 1 2013 by admin in Uncategorized


Feel similar to a spin by way of trastevere? Around the Colosseum, and back again down the Lungo Tevere. Seems great will not it? Imagine once more. Ignore halting for just a transient photograph, until you intend on boarding the airplane over a wheelchair.

If you insist...

What you are gonna will need.

  • A fundamental expertise of Italian swear terms. Ao, ma Vaffanculo! Learn the fundamentals. Remember that Italians will dismiss most blatant site visitors indicators. Buy of passage is determined with the measurement within your auto (Do not hassle leasing a jeep, I am going to describe later on), the level of men and women IN said auto and just how intense you will be. Merely inching ahead with out investigating individuals just isn't ample. You might crash. Wielding your arsenal of bitter sounding swear text will function. Stare them down, be the wolf. Use together with:
  • A standard comprehension of overall body language and hand-gestures. If Rome have been to all of a sudden grow to be mute. it could be enterprise as typical. Roman (and Italian normally) hand indicators make the formal hand sign language appear amateurish. You need to learn how to assist your myriad of swear text (be happy to improvise, its mainly envisioned) with hand gestures. The finger is taken into account banal. The so identified as, gesto del ombrello, or umbrella, is rather well-liked. To execute, position you proper fingers palm on the still left elbow (to the bicep facet) and flex.

  • Balls. Do not again down, don't stare,basically push. Check with on your own, "whats the quickest point from A to B", and do it. Disregard lanes, they're irrelevant.

  • Eyes just like a Fly. The above point is of course not to be taken literally. Your aim is to appear that way. The truth is, any given lane is divided by 4. Two cars, two motorini (mopeds), failure to adapt will result in honking.
  • Plenty of I.D. I am going to speak from experience. You will require you drivers license. Insurance. Your rental car or truck papers (and package containing il ilbretto di circolazione). This will guarantee you may not end up in jail. Rome is civilized after all. But for those who will take my advice, bring a truck-load of important seeking I.D. Being an intensely bureaucratic capital, the more paper the better. The more paper they have to sift via, the more time to enjoy the coffee, the happier the police will be.

  • Luck. Sometimes collisions cannot be avoided, For those who have a history of, "why me?", brave the sporadic and packed public transport.

Some personal ideas and advice.

  • Parking. When you find parking in Trastevere on the Saturday night. You might be doing better than I am. Parking de-liniated by blue lines is supposedly "guaranteed paid parking" the idea being that should you can't find parking you can also grab a blue-liner. In theory at least. The reality is such that blue liners have come to be yellow liners. (Disabled spots). In the event you park in a disabled spot and leave a note, apparently, ITS FINE.
  • Rent a small car. You won't be moving otherwise. Believeme!
  • Tripla Fila. Doppia Fila is the term used to describe when a person parks next to a parked person. Rome is unique in its TRIPLA fila culture. Once yet again, its fine. Two persons will never get out, but its fine. Let them honk.
  • Remember. Rome follows different cultural rules. If someone scams you, you might be the idiot. Smile, and return the favor.


I wish you the best of luck in Rome. If the prospect of driving here appeals to you, you are in for your hell of a ride, and truck-load of fun.

See you soon over the streets, I've got a swear-word lined up, solo per te.

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