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Endless Ocean (Wii) - Walkthrough and Cheats

Posted on March 1 2013 by admin in Uncategorized

The Products in the Game

Endless Ocean is usually a at this time unveiled movie recreation in suppliers at the moment solely obtainable for that Nintendo WII recreation process. The sport was produced by Arika and unveiled beneath the title Endlessly Blue in Japan on August 2nd 2007. It had been then unveiled into the European marketplace on November 9th 2007 as well as the American current market as on January 21st 2008 as Unlimited Ocean.

The standard premise from the match can be a scuba diving simulator. Almost all of your time and energy might be in questing for things, searching at underwater sea daily life and executing odd positions to receive the legal rights to swim in extra regions of the neighborhood ocean.

As with lots of online games now produced, Infinite Ocean is chocked stuffed with concealed gems and quests to uncover merchandise. When you achieve these more achievements, you're going to be offered far more achievements to achieve plus more merchandise are offered for you to implement.

The next can be a walkthrough of your activity from start out to complete. Infinite Ocean is definitely an "open ended" style of online video recreation. That means your path is not linear, (a set pathway you must go), and you can go anywhere you want and do anything you want. You are free to play the sport while you want to play, however, if you do not follow the storyline, you can be unable to explore new places, receive supplemental gear or complete the sport.

You start out out the sport as a marine correspondent. Fancy way to say that you are a scuba diver that gets paid to swim with the fishes! You might choose your characters attributes, hairstyle, hair color, gender, even your suntan! While you complete quests, which come in the form of emails, you may unlock far more hairstyles, hair colors, scuba gear and other details for your character.

You have a boat called the Gabbiano that you can use to access different places around the island of Manoa Lai. Unlimited Ocean is has several different places to explore like underwater caves, sunken ships and deep waters. Remember though, before you are able to explore added parts of your ocean, you have to complete certain quests. Some on the tasks you are going to perform to complete the sport are as an underwater photographer, tour guide, and dolphin trainer. Feel free to let loose the mini marine biologist inside you.

Like most online games, the developer has offered you a helper in Catherine. When you are lost or stuck, unable to get anywhere else in the sport, you can talk to her. She will help to guide you through whatever task you need to complete to explore far more of your activity. TIP: If she doesn't want to open up for you, make sure to go and dive for a little, then come back and visit her again, she should be extra helpful.


The controls from the video game are relatively simple

  • Dive/return to boat
  • Food
  • Pen
  • Camera
  • Whistle
  • Options - "in game" things like mp3 player, display settings, etc

To teach you the controls, the sport starts you off in a shallow lagoon where you learn the swimming positions and get used to moving your character around with the controller. Once you complete these tasks, you are introduced to Catherine. The sport allows for diving at night, but since you are just beginning, that part is locked and you'll have to implement the clock to "rest" the night.

When you wake up you are going to have received an email from Alfred with the Global Marine Foundation, not Bruce Wayne's butler. This unlocks your map and then teaches you how to access and use your map. I know what you are thinking, who has to be taught how to make use of a map? Just look at it. It is that simple, with the most part. You just need to be familiar with it and how to navigate it.

Next you might dive into the water where the sport teaches you how to focus on fish and interact with them by patting, nudging and feeding them. This mechanic is really important. Some tasks that you need to complete require you to definitely befriend certain creatures like dolphins in order to unlock the next section on the match.

Once you are back on the boat, there is usually a penguin on deck and you learn how to do the same things you did underwater, just on the deck from the boat. This unlocks the guide to marine existence, the ship's wheel plus the gate. The guide to marine daily life shows you what species of fish you have befriended, the wheel takes the boat to further locations as well as the gate enables multiplayer mode.

You are now free to roam about the water.

You will have received another email from Alfred. This gives you a new objective.

Note: Every time you get a new objective, your objectives are going to be displayed as a red cross on the map.

Once you complete the new objective from Alfred, you can go back up on the surface onto your boat. Check your email again and you should have a new email from either Alfred asking you to definitely do much more exploring for that foundation, or from Aubrey, telling you that you have clients interested in going on a guided dive.

In fact, all you have to do from here on out is follow the emails you get from Alfred or Aubrey and follow what Catherine tells you to definitely do and you can complete the sport as far as the storyline goes. There are certain things that truly must be done when Catherine or Alfred request them or your sport are going to be stuck and you cannot proceed. The best example is with Catherine and also the dolphin. When she says to discover a dolphin to befriend it and be your diving partner, you really must do so. If you don't it will get into the point of that being the only thing Catherine will say to you personally and you won't be receiving additional emails for clients.

Email and Clients

From time to time you receive emails from Aubrey, a contact point for clients wanting you to definitely take them on guided tours of certain locations, or from Douglas to take pictures of certain fish or places underwater. While initially you don't have to complete these tasks, after a period of time, you might have no choice as completing these tasks is needed to complete the sport or use certain features like the underwater pen.

The sport does have a very linear path, despite the open-ended nature of it. To get you accustomed to certain features, the sport takes you on small tasks first and then moves onto larger feats such as next whales and searching sunken ships for treasure

Clients are going to play a large part of this sport for you. A potential client who wants to go on guided dives will email you through Aubrey. Each email for guided tours will stay in your inbox for a maximum of 7 days. After that, you lose the option to accept the quest. These virtual people don't want to wait without end, even if they can! Don't worry though, even if the quest disappears, it will eventually come back. They are generic quests and not storyline related.

When a client emails you and asks you to definitely take them on a tour, they have specific fish they are on the lookout forward to seeing. The information is found in their email or by just listening for the client. There is usually a grading technique for the guided dive and you are graded on each dive that you take them on.

Grades are as follow:

  • How long you keep them on the dive
  • If you showed them the type of fish that they wanted to see
  • How much information you give them about the creatures you showed them.

Grading is actually a standard A though E, A being the best grade you can get, E being the client wants to keep you underwater for a while longer.

Professional Photographer?

Other requests are for you to definitely take underwater pictures of fish for newspapers. The only person that asks you for these fish pictures is Douglas Banner, a freelance journalist who knows your partner Catherine since childhood. When he emails you the subject in the email will tell you what creature he is hunting for and what kind of photograph to take.

Here are the types of photos:

  • Close up
  • Small fish
  • Medium fish
  • Large fish
  • School of fish
  • Marine animal

Once you take the picture and complete the job, you might get an email from Douglas telling you how well you did. Supplied the correct circumstances, (still not sure what those are), he then includes a copy from the image you took in the email to show you how well it came out.

TIP: you don't have to be a professional photographer by trade to do these tasks, but a few "real life" pointers will help you. Make sure you have a clear shot of the subject and keep it centered in the photo. Take lots of pictures so you can choose the best one.

TIP: Also note that you have to take these pictures in the open, if you use aquarium fish, your photo wont be used at all. No cheating here!

Cheaters never win...sometimes

Speaking of cheating...Infinite Ocean does offer two, that's proper two, whole cheats. Bit of a spoiler here folks...

Technically you can't consider them cheats, they are truly unlockable features from the match not normally included. The first is that anytime the sun sets in the sport, you may go into the deck with the ship, sit down in a chair and watch.

Your reward? The credits!

Next up, once you visit the abyss, you'll unlock a new song to listen to. "Benedictus" by Haley Westenra

The match can be completed without all the extra quests (or cheats) in a relatively short time, but then you won't be unlocking all the options readily available. I hope you enjoy playing Unlimited Ocean, just don't forget to come up for air once and a while!

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